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About us

I.P. Tal Construction Ltd. (Registered Contractor G-1 No. 35310) was founded by Yitzhak Goldenberg and Pazi Nuna.


We have been active in the field of engineering and construction.

In recent years, we have focused our activities on the execution of offices, with an emphasis on luxury and boutique projects.

Over the past four years, we have completed over 100 projects covering an area of over 80,000 square meters.

We work with a team of experienced engineers, subcontractors, and professional suppliers who are highly skilled and service-oriented.

Additionally, the company offers a turn-key project solution.

This includes architectural design, professional technical planning, and execution of the entire scope of work within short timeframes.

We are committed to uncompromising work quality, project service, and support at every stage, meeting agreed-upon timelines and budgets.

For every project, large or small, a certified project manager is assigned, ensuring compliance with all regulations and standards in all areas.

This allows for quick and seamless approval processes without delays.

Our clients are our most authentic business card.




Turnkey project

We commit to delivering to you a fully ready-for-occupancy office using the "turnkey" method.

Our work process consists of the following stages:

  1. Engagement of an architect or interior designer and preparation of sketches for approval.

  2. Detailed architectural planning stage, including the production of a complete set of architectural plans:

    • Building plans, ceilings, flooring, electrical plans, plumbing, and carpentry.

  3. Planning stage with professional consultants:

    • Safety, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler systems.

  4. Implementation stage, which includes assigning an experienced project manager who will coordinate all execution factors and oversee all issues and requirements provided by the client and the architect. Throughout this stage, we ensure adherence to quality, timelines, and budget.

  5. Upon completion of the work, we ensure the acquisition of certificates from authorized laboratories and the Standards Institution, as required, to provide the client with occupancy approval from the safety consultant and the fire department.

All that is required from the client is to approve the plans, select finishing materials in collaboration with the architect, and attend the handover of the property, ready for occupancy.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Architectural Planning and Professional Consulting

The success of every project is dependent on proper and thorough planning. Therefore, it is important to choose professionals who specialize in office construction.

We work closely with architects and interior designers, accompanied by professional consultants, such as safety experts, HVAC specialists, electricians, and plumbers.

Constructing an office space for rental purposes is not the same as building a property for personal use. The distribution method, material selection, and level of investment are not identical.

We believe that every office should have a unique twist that reflects your vision, all without breaking the bank.

Proper planning can reduce energy costs, optimize the flow of the office space, and accommodate building systems and client needs.

Moreover, in the long term, planning affects ongoing maintenance costs, maintenance procedures, and warranty periods for various elements, including HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, sanitary fixtures, and more.


Special Works and Unique Requirements

We are prepared to fulfill under our responsibility the requests and ideas of the client, diverse and creative as they may be.

For example: Antique French-style wooden floor-to-ceiling partitions, a luxurious drinks bar in the center of the office, decorative cladding with metal and wood, or transforming the space into a pampering bedroom suite.

And of course, integration of the smart home domain, control systems, monitoring, and multimedia.

The office is your second home - let's go a little "crazy."

Every idea implemented during the planning stage will reduce implementation costs. It is also possible to prepare infrastructure for future implementation without executing it immediately.

Never give up on the dream.


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